Basement Cleaning

Professional Basement Cleaning Services

Find the best basement cleaning company in the region  

At Advanced Concrete, we provide the best basement cleaning services in the region. Therefore, our clients can be sure that when they hire us, they are getting the best value for their money in terms of such work. We always use eco-friendly materials and products to do our work. We are also masters at cleaning basements of our clients in the most detailed manner possible. 

We can see all their poles, and steps. We can also vacuum the entire basement and remove all the cobwebs. We can also offer our clients power washing services if they want.

Our basement painting and remodelling services

At Advanced Concrete, we are a determined team of well-trained professionals who will never compromise with their work. One of our teams is dedicated to providing painting and remodelling services to the basements. When basements become old and need a new look, we are destined to give the best look to your basement with utmost ease. From preparing a plan to cleaning, to making all materials available to executing the plan, we do it all.

Our basement sealing services

Our basement sealing services are premium. All our clients are happy with our services and will never switch to any other business for the same line of work. This is because they have seen us working hard and completing all the tasks we take in hand. Our basement sealing is done with utmost care and precision. We deliver the highest quality in affordable rates. If you wish to get the basement sealed, you know where to go!

When do our clients need our services?

Concrete basement floors are like all other concrete surfaces. With time they gather dirt and look dull. However, this is where our professional cleaning can be what the doctor ordered for our clients. Thanks to our basement cleaning services, these areas can regain all the luster and shine they have lost over the years.

Abundance of experience working in the industry

On working in this industry for many years, dare we say, we have been trail blazers in this context! This is the reason we can work on a wide range of surfaces such as:

  • tiles 

  • natural stone

  • new concrete

Why should our clients work with us?


      Following are the reasons:

  • Our clients can be sure that when they are hiring us for such work, they are hiring one of the best names in the basement cleaning industry

  • We have immense experience in the industry

  • Our expertise is unmatched

  • We have the best equipment 

  • We use the best processes

  • Our employees are highly trained

These are the reasons we can provide our clients the best cleaning that they could have hoped for. Thanks to our great cleaning processes we can remove even the hardest dirt effectively and safely. 


1.What is the best chemical to clean concrete?

The best chemicals that one can use for concrete basement cleaning are mentioned as below:

  • detergent

  • degreaser or concrete cleaner

Advanced Concrete, uses these chemicals efficiently to clean the concrete. There is a percentage or a ratio that one needs to keep in mind for a perfect clean. We are simply the best in cleaning concrete! Hence, call Advanced Concrete to avail the perfect and well-organised services!


2.Can you power wash a basement?

Yes, one can always use a pressure washer for basement cleaning. Such cleaning equipment is the ideal option for any non-porous surfaces. Therefore, they are such a great option for the concrete walls. The thing with these pressure washers is that they clean up a basement in a much shorter time. At Advanced Concrete our power wash machine is of the latest technology and will deliver a clean and tidy basement in no time. Hence, contact us for all the power washes!