Bike Racks

Bike Racks

Commercial bike racks to fulfill every need 

Advanced Concrete is a leading name when it comes to bike racks supply. We have distinct types of bike racks for different bikes in stock and that are readily available for shipment. There are bike parking racks available in the classic grid bike rack style. These racks are popular in schools. We also offer U- bike racks that are common on college campuses. 

For commercial settings and parks, wave bike racks are a well-known type of bike racks. We offer bike parking racks for every venue so that these racks meet the requirements of the consumer and are fit for purpose.

Bike racks of varying styles 

There are different types of bike racks for fulfilling varying needs. They are available in a range of styles and at Advanced Concrete, we have all these styles available for quick packaging and delivery. The various styles of bike racks in Sydney that we offer are:


  • Wave style 

  • Grid style 

  • U style 

  • Bike docks 

  • Double-decker 

  • Custom racks 

  • Wall mount 

  • Low profile 

  • Bollard style 

  • Architectural 

With this plethora of bike rack styles, we are sure we can meet the requirements of every customer who wishes to purchase a bike rack from us. These bike racks can definitely fulfill the needs of every venue.

Assured security

The chief purpose of bike racks is to keep bikes secure. We have a reliable and unique collection of commercial bike racks for commercial places. These secure models offer durability and a seamless finish. Many consumers buy outdoor bike racks and commercial bike racks in order to safely secure their bike. They last longer and ensure the security of the bikes placed. However, one must be sure to properly mount the bike rack to avoid theft of the rack as well as the bike.


Best quality 

Many people realise the quality of the bike racks at the time of the bike racks installation. With so many suppliers of bike racks in the market, one cannot easily find the one that offers the best quality racks. Well, Advanced Concrete is a reputed name and we are confident that we can supply high quality bike racks at the best prices. Our stainless steel bike racks resist rust and corrosion in the long run.

Perks of choosing us 

Customer satisfaction is our motivation and we believe in providing the best products to our customers. We value the business of our customers and we commit to satisfying their expectations. Our team gives the most genuine suggestions to every customer who faces a dilemma while choosing a type of bike rack for their venue. Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of every type of bike rack and knows which type will suit which venue.


1.What are the racks made of?

Our bike racks in Sydney are of the standard steel products utilising high quality low-carbon steel. It comprises traces of carbon that ensures higher ductile strength. The material offers long-lasting durability when incorporated with a protective powder coating. Most of the companies use authentic stainless steel for bike racks to increase their resistance to corrosion. Another material used is low-density polyethylene which is a durable thermoplastic polymer. It is highly resistant to cracks even under stress. Advanced Concrete supplies racks, made up of the best materials that make them durable. Call us to know more about our services.

2. How to install bike racks?

Bike racks installation is not that tough as it may seem to be. As there are different types of bikes, the installation also varies. For hitch mount bicycle racks, one may use a hitch extender. It allows one to easily store the bike. To increase the capacity, using extra cradle accessories is a good idea. Fit a hitch stabiliser that fits over the receiver as well as the rack and avoids rattling of the hitch mount bike rack. However, Advanced Concrete recommends having a professional install the bike racks for you. We have the most experienced and skilled professionals in this domain.

3. How much time is taken in the installation of bike racks?

Bike racks installation is not terribly time consuming. Every bike has a varying system and so, the installation time also varies. While some may take a long time even after much practice, there are a few models that hardly require time for the installation to complete. Some bike racks may require up to 30 minutes for the person to complete the installation. Others may hardly take up to 10 minutes. Also, the time that one needs for installing bike racks may reduce with practice. For a bike requiring 10-15 minutes in installation, one may hardly take 5 minutes after some time of practice. Advanced Concrete is the leading industry in providing services related to bike racks. Call us to avail of our services!

4. What is the height of the rack? 

The height of the bike rack differs for different bikes. The allowable height of the rack must be between 30 and 35 inches. Ideally, the height of the bike rack in Sydney should be 33 inches tall. The height of the bike racks is measured from the center-point of the length of the bike rack. When the height of the bike rack is 33 inches tall, it will be taller than the top tubes of most of the bikes. The height of the bike rack should be below the handlebars and seats or saddles of most bikes. Also, it must provide a second contact point near the seat post of the bike. At Advanced Concrete, we ensure you get the perfect rack that suits your needs. Avail our services, now!

5. On which surface to install an outdoor bike rack? 

Although there are different surface materials for bike racks installation, concrete is the best and the most popular surface material for the installation of bike racks so far. Many people consider it to be the most secure option for the installation of bike racks. Also, it is the most inexpensive option for installing the racks. One needs to choose an installation method for the installation of racks on a concrete surface. While some people choose an in-ground mount, others choose a surface mount system. It depends on the person which method they want to choose. At Advanced Concrete, we have a team of skilled installers. Call us to know more, now!