Car Park Bollards Supply & Installation in Sydney and Wollongong

Advanced Concrete Sealing – The Best Bollards In Sydney and Wollongong

A bollard is used to create or establish a residential or commercial unit’s perimeter. It is like a short post that dispenses security. With Advanced Concrete Sealing in Sydney, installing safety bollards is now our responsibility! The proper use of bollards in Sydney is extremely important when it comes to making your warehouse or car park safer as they can help to minimise the chance of unexpected damage. We supply all different kinds of products in this regard throughout the capital city of New South Wales and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions about our bollard installation services, you can be sure that we’ll be able to answer them. We can advise you on which bollard is best suited to your situation and determine how to create a protective or architectural perimeter around the area in question.

At Advanced Concrete Sealing, we install the finest bollards. We are bollard installations specialists in Sydney. Apart from securing your premises against accidental damage from other vehicles, they can prevent vehicle theft. There are not too many more efficient security alternatives for safeguarding the interests of your staff, visitors, and your overall premises than bollards. 

Who are we?

Advanced Concrete Sealing (NSW) Pty Ltd was established to bring the latest technology in concrete sealants to the construction industry for various grades of finished concrete. With a wealth of knowledge & many years in direct daily contact with the construction industry, we have grown quickly & taken on some very prestigious projects. ACS can now offer green star rated curing compounds, line marking & concrete sealers, so whatever your concrete surface we can seal it with environmentally safe water-based products.


Our Services


Advanced Concrete Sealing is the leader in quality concrete sealing and line marking. We have been in this business for a long time due to our sheer work and ability to grow and improve ourselves. We provide premier services. Below are our services:

  • Bollards: In order to make your property safe, we dispense an array of bollards. Ram raids can also be prevented with the help of our bollards.

  • Convex Mirror: We want all our customers to be safe while they drive. Hence, we provide efficient convex mirrors for your cars that will give you crystal clear visibility.

  • High pressure cleaning: We provide the perfect power cleaning at any residential or commercial complex. We have a team of expert cleaners who will make sure to deliver the unrivalled. 

  • Clearance Signs: We are the masters in creating quality labels, stickers and property signs. We also customise them as per your instructions.

  • Wheel Stops: Wheel stops offer a basic and efficient method for shielding cars and properties from damage while parking. Our wheel stops have precise markings to ensure visibility. 

  • Speed Humps: The speed humps that we offer are designed in an amazing way that ensures the safety of the pedestrians and car drivers. 

  • Car park line marking: We have unmatched expertise in providing excellent car park line marking service. It will help the visitors to park cars easily and efficiently. 


Convenience and flexibility

We offer you the widest range of such products in Sydney and Wollongong so you can be sure that we have what you need. We can offer you a high level of professional expertise that will exceed your expectations.

Why should you work with us?

When it comes to bollard installation, there are several reasons why you should work with us. The first reason is that we are a one-stop-shop for bollards. No matter what you need we can fulfil it. We also have years of experience in this field. It is because of this immense experience that we have amassed a wide array of skills that are needed for such work. We know what needs to be done to complete such work to perfection. We have all the equipment that we need for all kinds of installation. We have a variety in car park bollards that you will be amazed by its unparalleled options!


1.Are bollards capable of preventing car accidents?

Yes, bollards are useful for preventing major car accidents. We have been in this business for a long time. We exactly know what type of bollard will be a suitable fit for you. Having said that, we have an array of car park bollards for installation. For any further details, call us and we are happy to help!