Car Park Cleaning

Expert Car Parking Cleaning Services

Restore customer confidence with expert car park cleaning

Car park cleaning is essential for commercial and private spaces. Advanced Concrete offers expert servicing for car parks in residential, commercial, and public places. Being in the field for years, we complete each project with the utmost dedication. We perform scrubbing in pressure cleaning. With the perfect blend of experience and state of the art technology, we reinvigorate customer car parking spaces. Our services make the car parking lot look its best and leave a good lasting impression on all visitors. 

These customised programs help us improve each project and fulfill the needs of our clients. A customer might easily notice the unpleasant stains, odours, or a car park covered in graffiti. So, one needs car park cleaning to ensure that this does not affect the business of the organisation in the long run. 

Pressure cleaning 

With car parks getting old, there are signs of wear and tear on the concrete floor. The visual appearance may become dull and dirty due to soot buildup, oils, food and drink spills, fuel and coolant spills, and coolants. Here arises the need for a pressure cleaning or steam cleaning and degreasing of the car parks. We perform pressure cleaning in the dirty parking spaces to make them tidy and clean.

Range of services 

Our team provides a range of services to clients who want car park cleaning for their residential or commercial spaces. We periodically visit the site and perform our job while taking care of every detail. Our motive is to help businesses grow by providing comfort and class to improve their bottom line. The crew at Advanced Concrete inspects the areas before cleaning and assures a warm welcome for the customers with a seamless experience. Our list of services includes: 


  • Power sweeping 

  • Power blowing 

  • Power scrubbing 

  • Pressure cleaning

Why choose us? 

We have all the machines and equipment to complete every cleaning job. Our team reaches out to our clients for a site inspection at a time that is most convenient for them, then finalises a day to complete the task. We take all the efforts to reduce downtime and avoid delays in completing the work. Our experts try their best to clean the car parks so they look bright and clean as new. We perform a thorough cleaning and eliminate all odours and stains with the latest technology. One can surely rely on us for class services.


1.Do you only clean the floors?

No, we not only clean the floors but consider other things too, so that the car parks look neat and clean. Our car park cleaning services are versatile. We carefully clean driveways and walkways to clean all the stains. We deliver our cleaning services to all the places you would want us to do. Advanced Concrete is definitely your one stop shop to avail all services related to car park cleaning.

2.Why car park cleaning?

Car park cleaning can make a lot of difference to a business. While a dirty car park or driveway can negatively impact the reputation of a business, cleaning car parks ensures a healthy relationship with customers who look forward to shopping from a brand that warmly welcomes them. The parking bay or driveway of an organisation can either make or ruin its reputation. With a clean parking space, the customers know that the company values them and takes care of the minute details. Customers trust more and confidently shop more from a place that treats them with respect and hospitality. Advanced Concrete ensures regular checks on the car park cleaning service. We want your vehicle to be in a perfect condition to function the best!

3.What equipment might you use for car park cleaning? 

There are different machines used for car park cleaning according to the areas and the amount of dirt. For a single-level parking garage or underground parking facilities, industrial floor sweeps are the most popular choice. This is mainly because they help to remove dust particles of all sizes from the finest to the thickest particles. Other machines used for cleaning the parking facilities are cold water pressure washers, dry steam cleaners, floor scrubbers, cleaning machines, scrubber driers, systems. These machines ensure clean car parks for residential, public, or commercial spaces. Advanced Concrete has the latest tools and equipment to carry out the cleaning. Call us for our services!