Car Park Fit Outs

Supply & Installation of Full Range of Car Park Fit Outs

Uncover the best car park fit outs company  

At Advanced Concrete, we pride ourselves on being the best provider of complete solutions for car park fit outs. We offer our clients customised turnkey solutions that help them better their parking experience. We provide them a detailed range of products so they can refurbish their car parks completely. The following list describes our main products:

  • fixed bollards

  • wheel stops

  • speed humps

  • tact tiles

  • stair nosing

  • height bars and indicators

  • mirrors and signage such as convex mirrors

  • bike racks

We also provide some of the best floor painting and line marking services to offer our clients a complete package.

Our line marking services

We offer the best line marking services in the region. We also do our work in this context in an environment-friendly and safe manner. For this, we use the best materials and equipment.

Our surface coat and sealing work

Our high-pressure surface cleaning service works on all surfaces. We also offer a heavy-duty floor sealer that offers a lot of sheen along with a clean finish. These are the ideal car park fit outs for concrete areas that get a lot of traffic.

We also offer the finest fixed bollards, speed humps, and wheel stops in the region 

We specialise in products suited to Australian conditions

As a leading organisation in the industry, we always make sure that our products and services match to the specific requirements of our clients in Australia. It is evident that we are the top name for car park fit outs in the region. Our flooring coating services are phenomenal and highly apply for auto and vehicle parking areas with a high reputation.

We are a highly skilled company and always work according to a plan. We are complete professionals in the truest sense of the words.

A few words on our wheel stops

Our wheel stops are the best products that our clients can hope for marking their vehicle parking areas effectively. These car park fit outs can also be used easily to protect vehicles, wall surfaces, and all other valued assets of the business. This is the reason there is such demand for them across all car parking areas and garages across the region.

We work with various clients in the region

Since we offer the best commercial fit out services for car parks by using the finest materials, there is tremendous demand for our products and services in the area. We offer our clients all that they need to create the right parking environment on their premises. Apart from commercial entities, a lot of residential clients buy car park fit outs from us. A splendid thing about our products is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. All around the region, our clients trust us to provide them with nothing but the very best.


1.Do car park fit outs need to be installed by qualified technicians?

Yes, one has to be a professional to install car park fit outs. This is a specialised job which needs some basic training so it can be completed. One also needs significant experience to perform such a job properly and provide the client complete satisfaction. When the work is done properly, it also serves the purpose that it is supposed to. This is something that only trained, skilled, and experienced technicians can do. It also helps that they have the right tools and equipment to install such structures in the best way. At Advanced Concrete, we have technicians who will assist you with all your problems as they have a lot of experience. Get the help of our technicians now!

 2. How much time does it take to install wheel stops and speed humps?

Installing wheel stops and speed humps, varies from one project to another. the requirement of these decides  the time taken to complete the task. However, we can assure you that Advanced Concrete will deliver the best in less time. We try to provide our customers with the finest in less time only for their convenience.