Power Sweeping Scrubbing

Hire Power Sweeping & Scrubbing Services

Top-quality floor cleaning with Advanced Concrete 

A clean business organisation or commercial facility can leave an amazing impression on visitors. Given that, power sweeping is one of the methods to provide a sparkling clean surface. This will help to maintain the reputation of the organisation. At Advanced concrete, we help commercial facilities to maintain their image by power sweeping with the best equipment and the latest technology. 

We regularly service our equipment to maintain it in the best condition. Our staff undergoes the necessary training to develop an understanding of and skills to maintain the equipment. We can work efficiently with this approach so that we can provide reliable services to our customers. 

Classy pressure cleaning services 

Most of the commercial and public properties are high-traffic areas. Sometimes, power sweeping is not enough for these places. Undoubtedly, one needs to keep them clean and make them safe for others. Through our advanced pressure cleaning services, we help organisations to keep their high-traffic areas clean. We use a plethora of machines which are best-in-class so that we continue to deliver top class services. 

Some of the equipment provides varying applications with the use of biodegradable detergents. Our cleaning  solutions are effective and help to achieve the desired results in optimal time. 

Sweeping services for a healthy environment 

While many companies use traditional technology for sweeping residential and commercial facilities, we use innovative machines to ensure a healthy environment at our customers’ premises. This helps them to present a customer-friendly environment and give a welcoming feel to every person visiting their facility. We take efforts to improve the air quality of areas like basement car parks and thereby, improve the health standards for the staff and visitors.

Our team utilises advanced technology to reduce and to control dust. With a clean and healthy work environment, staff at these premises is at a comparatively lower risk of developing infections. 

Impressive scrubbing services 

We know that businesses need to maintain their impression in the eyes of their customers. So, we help these businesses develop an exceptional image through remarkable power-scrubbing services. We create clean facilities and safe areas by using industry-leading scrubbers. Unhygienic areas promote a filthy and unsafe environment. We take care of the needs of our customers and offer scrubbing services that exceed their expectations. The scrubbing equipment that we use is easy to sanitise and clean. So, one can rest assured of this equipment’s superior performance.

Benefits of choosing us  

Although everyone is aware of the importance of cleaning, many people avoid cleaning quite often or clean their facilities with a lesser frequency. Choose us for: 

  • Guaranteed cleanliness of the facility 

  • Enhanced productivity 

  • Decreased risk of infections 

  • The safe and healthy work environment 

  • Better well-being of the staff 

  • Customer confidence 

  • Healthy buyer-seller relationship 

At Advanced Concrete, people can choose from several cleaning services. We have a well deserved strong reputation for quality workmanship and customer service having served the community over many years.


  1. How often does the parking lot need to be swept? 

A lot of trash gets accumulated in the parking lot due to vehicles coming in and out, every minute. Dust thus accumulated can be extremely fatal in breathing. At minimum, parking lots should be cleaned for four to five times in a week. Advanced Concrete, can very well look after your parking lot and make sure regular checks. Book with us now!