Best Speed Hump Installation in Sydney

Ensure Proper Road Safety With Speed Humps Offered By Advanced Concrete

A speed hump is one of the most effective as well as the easiest ways to decrease the speed of approaching vehicles when needed. These humps effectively work to reduce the chance of accidents around hospitals, schools, shopping centres, parks, and other areas where pedestrian movement or foot traffic is generally present in the shared environment with vehicles. These days, speed humps are gaining popularity in and around Sydney. 

With the broad width and low height, these humps reduce the speed of the fast-approaching vehicles effectively. Developed to meet with the Australian standards, the speed hump never poses a risk to pedestrians or car drivers. Your search for the best hump and speed hump installation service ends with Advanced Concrete.

Why Advanced Concrete?

The speed humps that we offer at Advanced Concrete are manufactured in such a way that ensures the pedestrians remain safe while they share roads with vehicles. And this is mainly done by reducing vehicle speeds across car parks, buildings, and other shared spaces in Sydney. Being an expert in this field, we know it well that not every speed bump is  created equally.

We have a range of materials used in our speed bumps with the  most popular being made from plastic, rubber, recycled rubber, or steel. Among these, the rubber ones are the most popular. And we offer those bumps in various shades, with or without reflective stripes. Besides, these are also easily customisable according to the client’s requirement. Therefore, the speed hump installation service that we offer fits almost any car park.

Apart from that, the speed bumps that we offer have a long life and these are developed to be highly durable. Moreover, these bumps are quite easy to maintain. Therefore, each section of the bumps can be replaced if required.

This way, our bumps offer the best value for money. So, to ensure getting the right speed humps in Sydney with accurate measurements, choose us.

Features of the speed humps that we offer:

  1. Lightweight and therefore can easily be carried.

  2. Effective in slowing the traffic.

  3. Highly portable.

  4. Robust and therefore can easily stand up to the trucks and cars at low speed.

  5. Don’t need anchoring.

  6. No nails or glue are needed for speed hump installation.

  7. Can be installed and assembled within minutes.

  8. Convenient.