Car Park Wheel Stops Sydney, NSW

Advanced Concrete- Place To Shop For The Best Car Park Wheel Stops

Car Park Wheel Stops offer a basic but efficient method for shielding cars and properties from damage while parking a car. These car park wheel stops help by intervening with the drivers and by stopping the vehicles from wrecking the garden or hitting the building. If you are searching for these sorts of wheel stops, you can rely on Advanced Concrete. Our wheel stops can be placed in any sort of car parking situation. They are robust, reliable and unobtrusive and they come in variations of rubber, concrete, and steel.

What does Advanced Concrete do?

Advanced Concrete is the best company for car park fit outs and car park wheel stops. The car park wheel stops works as the vital solution for protecting and preventing damage to the people or property from the vehicles that are entering the walking lanes. 

Therefore, these can be easily installed in areas like outside buildings, car parks, and indoor areas.

The wheel stops that we offer are designed to meet all Australian standards. Besides, these also come with highly reflective markings to ensure ease of use and increased visibility in the low lit areas. Other great things about these stops are that they are resistant to moisture, UV, extreme weather conditions, and oil. Moreover, they come with several years of warranty. You can also order these stops from us in bulk. We will deliver and install them for you at your chosen place at a time that is convenient for you.

Being environmentally-friendly, the car park wheel stops that we offer at Advanced Concrete don’t rot, rust, or fade even after extensive daily wear and tear. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable even in heavy-duty settings like warehouses and factories.


Features of the wheel stops:

1.    Easy to move, easy to handle, and lightweight, which halves the installation time

2.    Superior durability and great construction ensure that these would not crack, warp, rot, or chip

3.    Premium quality stop that is compliant with the Australian standards

4.    Simple fixing, no complex process required

5.    Easy to install

6.    Yellow reflectors for enhanced visibility

7.    Wheel stops are highly resistant to oil, moisture, UV, and extreme conditions of weather

8.    Highly flexible nature that allows to virtually contour on almost any road surface

9.    These stops can easily be fixed with the use of an adhesive for additional strength